Being an aviator!

When I was all of 18, I travelled across the globe; all the way from India to The United States of America. A little high school graduate gave fuel to her passion and was all set to fly.

Yes, I was in US to be trained to fly! It sounds like such a jazz, doesn’t it?

Well, it feels much more jazzy than it sounds. When I sat in the cockpit for the first time, I didn’t know what was happening. I couldn’t decide if it is the view that I should enjoy or the height that I should be terrified of.


A little voice in my head said, “Come-on this isn’t really your thing”.

The very next second, another voice replied, “Shut the f*** up, this is what you are meant for. You belong to the sky, you’ve been made to fly!”

I thank God that I heard the second voice.

Most pilots out there boast about how flying is so technical. But I think that flying is a skill, it’s an art. The more you fly, the better you get.


People ask me why I love flying? Well the answer is:

With my airplane aligned on the runway I go full throttle,

The high that I get is better than any liquor in a fancy bottle.

A gain in the airspeed, a positive attitude and the increasing altitude,

Gives me an exhilarating feeling as I flutter my wings in gratitude.

I climb through the clouds, those fluffy cotton balls,

When in thunderous rage they scream and pour down with squalls.

As I rise above the clouds and there is clear weather all around,

The serenity of the spectacle, can leave anyone astound.

With my hand on the controls, I fly through the mountains and valleys,

I trust my maps and instruments as sky has no roads, no alleys.


There is blue of the ocean beneath me and blue of the sky above,

 This is the only ‘blue feeling’ that gives happiness and makes me fall in love.

The higher the altitude, the closer I feel to that infinite higher power,

And as soon as in-flight I get a little dreamy, I hear my call sign from the tower. 


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