‘From the heart of a Woman’

I came into this world; my mom lifted me up in her trembling arms and caressed me with her hand,
She was smiling at me when one of the relatives commented that I was a girl and that too tanned.
When a girl comes into this world she brings with her happiness and grace,
Then why do people want the ‘Y’ chromosome to win when the sperms are having a race?
A girl develops into a loving wife and a nurturing mother, then why the practices of female foeticide,
Why does a woman with a life in her womb take a massive step to commit a suicide?
When no relation in this world, be it mother, wife or daughter is complete without women,
Then why does the society take the birth of a girl child as a curse and a bad omen?
I think females in the present day are no way and nowhere lesser than the boys,
What makes the world think that they are objects of mere disgrace and can be treated as toys?
The woman today does it all from flying fighter airplanes to cleaning the window panes,
They do it all selflessly, with all their heart even without bothering about the losses and their gains.
This is the time to wake up, the time to come together and the time to act for what is right.
Cuz the girl child has the spark and the zeal to make a future that is vibrant, happy and bright.
Each hand that will rise in support of this movement will heal a woman’s aching soul,
The day when girls will be welcomed as much as boys, this world will become a whole.

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