Today was such a Bridget Jones Day!

Hey Folks, I’m back. It’s just something about this time of the year, it feels like its that time of the month. You know what I mean? Ehhhh!
So today, I am sitting on the 13th of February, just one freaking day away from Valentine’s. It’s February, the month of love! But do you know what does it feel like to me… Well, the weather is cold and then there are people with cold hearts who just give it that stale and rotten cherry on the top.

So because of the wonderful reason, I just had a perfect Bridget Jones Day. It’s one of those days when everything around me just made me feel sick. I was at home and dumped myself in my bedroom hiding away from all the mushy stuff playing on the radio, the Rs. 10 rose that was being sold for 100, the little red hearts that have been hanging down every second showroom around the whole god-damn country’s capital; because I just cant take it.

Coming back to being Bridget… yes I was walking around the house with my blanket wrapped, hoping that it would transform into a cloak and I would disappear. But for the common human joy, I am still here. I gorged on buckets full of indulging, orgasmic chocolate ice-cream cuz that is the love of my life. (Whatever happened to the weight-loss plan I was super zealous about.)

I haven’t found a Mark Darcy or a Daniel Cleaver, nor do I see one happening any time soon because it’s just beyond overwhelming. Two people meet, they just get along like a house on fire, they burn and turn to ashes. And for most people it is easy to recollect the ash and be ready to burn again. But I guess, I’ve already given up because the beauty of love in known to a few-

When you see dimpled cheeks, hear the breeze whistling through the soft wavy hair and get hypnotized by shy eyes that lure you to drown into the soul; hormones start waltzing around to the beat of the heart. You escape from the real life and surrender to a life that is surreal; you submit yourself to the drug called LOVE!!! When love strikes, it knocks off the day lights.

Been there, done that! Yes, this tempting concoction of passion, emotion and adventure had once acquired me. After defeating my now almost vestigial organ- brain, love took over me. I was an alien in this world, for an heiress from planet love, this human world felt like such a waste of time. I rather preferred spending each second of my life chanting the name of the one who had enchanted me. I retrieved myself after I allowed love to obscure me and rest is history.

This my friends is my understanding of love and what a shame, the world doesn’t even know a millionth of it.



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