I ain’t gonna quit!!!

There will be voices screaming into your head,
Like stinging scorpions crawling on your bed.

And people who would put you down,
They would smile when you’ll cry or frown.


There will be butchers waiting to slaughter your dreams,
And ain’t no one’s gonna heed to your screams.

You’ll be dying a slow death each day,
As your friends, not foes would come to slay.

There will be no covering fire,
It’s all true, I’m not a liar.


There will be no helping hand,
No one would care if you run out of fuel and crash land.

Voices in your head would say you can’t,
The scars that you have they are not worth a flaunt.

You’ve died a million deaths,
How will you survive the future threats.

When you find yourself surrounded by the ghosts in your head,
And tears makes your eyes go red.


On your heart place your hand,
And tell yourself, I can stand.

I am mighty as a mountain,
And inexhaustible like a dancing fountain.

I won’t give up, I have my will,
I wouldn’t die even if they try to kill.


Until my heart beats, I’m gonna beat this shit.
The world that says I’m a failure, would one day witness my rise,