“1” Burning Desire!!!

There will be times when you will cry,
You would smile but your eyes wouldn’t be able to lie.

Sorrow from the past will haunt your present,
You would strive to save your future from resent.


Life should have been a rose bed,
But you’re bleeding because on thorns you’ve tread.

There will the red of the blood and the red of the rage,
While you turn around trying to arrange life- page by page.

There will chapters about a few past glories,
And then there will be grief and pain in some of your stories.

What has kept you alive for so long,
What is it that has still kept you going strong?


It is that urge to succeed,
It only keeps growing like a tree from a little sapling that was once a seed.

There is this craving to do what you’ve been wanting to do,
What you want to achieve, is barely dreamt by a few.

It is that craving that will help you move on,
When your family and friends wouldn’t relate and doubt if there is another place where you belong.

When haters and critics would have no role to play,
You will have to fight with your sword, don’t allow them to slay.


It that one burning desire that would give you strength to rise, to rise up high each time you fall.
It is the blood in your veins, the adrenaline rush, the emotions reflecting through your eyes. It is the reason why you still stand tall.


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