THEN and NOW!!!

You remember how it felt,

When you inhaled deep and the fresh air brushed your hair.

The feeling when you were happy star-gazing and didn’t really care.

Tracing your name on the foggy window pane,

And insane laughter, how it was the only thing that kept you sane.


You remember how it felt,

To run outside the house when it started to rain,

When bruised knees and broken toys were the only source of pain.

Everyone was a friend and they meant the world to you,

Your smile was for all, you disliked only a few.


Well look at you now, all grown up and coy,

Sophisticated, decent, politically correct, oh boy!

Master of the art of using words that keep your out of trouble,

Smiling fake in this pseudo life, happy in your own bubble.

You haven’t really hugged someone genuinely for long,

Confused if it’s the human race or technology to which you belong.


You even judge the guy who delivers newspaper to your house,

Keep thinking that you are the cat, when you’re actually the mouse.

You’ve been chasing “CHEESE” for way too long,

And you’ve got no idea, everything has gone wrong.

To maintain the chemical straightening, you’ve started tying your hair,

And you want to take care of your people, but there’s no time, life’s unfair.


You sign your name on cheques and bonds and yes life is a lot more hazy,

Wasn’t it better once upon a time when you were crazy?

This time get drenched when it starts to rain,

Maybe it will wash away all the pain.


Maybe your smile would become a little better than a mere grin,

Maybe you’ll realize that it isn’t just metal, but a beating heart inside your skin.