Beauty is Skin Deep

God what happened to natural beauty?
Cosmetics and chemicals, such a civic duty!

Whatever happened to the crinkle around the eyes during a smile,
When women didn’t worry about bleeding mascaras while crying down the aisle.

There was a time when crooked teeth were cute,
Now expensive dentistry stands astute.

Wasn’t is great to see women with hair flying free?
Now they are straightened, crimped, permed and heated to several degrees.

There is a CC, a BB and even an EE cream apart from the foundation.
In one life imagine, so many incarnations.

The nail paint, the lipstick, the gloss and liner,
Oh! don’t forget before the powder, the primer.

How wonderful would it be to see a woman smile shy,
Maybe after the heavy blush volunteers to die.

Fake lashes, fake nails, botox and lasers,
Peplum, tummy tuckers and tailored blazers.

High heels to make you look svelte,
And for further enhancements, a broad belt.

How can I forget the obsession with the skin tone white,
Bleach, skin peel, chemicals-all seem right.

Don’t know who came up with the thought of beauty on surface,
Isn’t it supposed to be skin deep?

Doesn’t it depend upon a hearty laughter, a caring heart
And the things that make one weep?

The beauty business is oh-so-mean,
Caught up in the circle, even I can’t come out clean.

Smeared with powder and pigment,
Looking good is a silent commitment.

How I love the days of boxer shorts, sans the liner;
When I get time to appreciate God, the magnificent designer.