Perspire and Inspire

Releasing the fine aroma of Darjeeling, tea simmers in a pot.

As it boils away, you sit down and ponder of what you’ve got.

You’ve been living on hope while the world survives on air and water,

You’ve been constantly wearing that smile and braving laughter.

The world earns possessions and you’ve accumulated experience,

And there hasn’t been enough said about your brilliance.

Just trying to do the right things, you’ve always been proved wrong;

More often you stop to think; to this world, do you belong?

You’ve had the lyrics written but don’t know the tune to your song,

Patient enough inventing music, you’re trying to be strong.

You chose your path, every single time,

After all, choosing your life, isn’t much of a crime.

Manoeuvring through this game called life,

You can’t always be politically right.

You can’t always get the best of both worlds,

Because you are just another girl with pretty hair curled.

Whether you were lost in pain or drenched in rain,

You came out alive through situations insane.

So just put on your best shoes, wear your poise,

Pucker up your lips and make a choice.

Patience, they say will reap the best fruit.

You’ve got your superwoman suit, a lot to pursuit.

So go out there and let them wonder,

Perspire, inspire, roar and let them hear the thunder.