Ethereal Evening Spent With The Unknown

Get playful with the stars and trap the moon in a fishnet,

Let’s prolong the night and talk about all that makes you fret.

Ask me questions that haunt you, we’ll find answers to them all,

Tell me what gives you a high and what is it that makes you fall.

Let’s make believe you are real,

Or a fictional character who can feel.

Unveil secrets that have been locked into you for so long,

I swear they’ll stay safe with me, guarded all along.

Share with me what makes you smile,

I will transform it in a song and sing for a while.

Also, let me know what gets on to your nerves,

Is it, not getting something one rightfully deserves?

We’ll crib about the things that could’ve worked better,

And tell each other about the contents of an unsent letter.

I want to know the color that you love the most, the fragrance that you wear;

Show me the doodles in your diary and share your most sincere prayer.

I want to know the meanings of the fancy words you say,

That leave me spell-bound and let you have your way.

Where’d you learn to perfectly modulate your voice?

You scold, it never hurts. How did you practice so much poise?

Tell me how’d you like your morning tea, the herbs you want me to infuse;

Will make a note of your breakfast preference so that you can’t refuse.

Let me know your travel plans and ask for my company,

Sing to me as I fall asleep, save me from the deafening worldly cacophony.

Unlock, dust off and rekindle the silent emotions,

Defy the norms they’ve set and live beyond the mundane notions.

Help me visualize the dreams you see,

Let our souls be wild and free.

Tomorrow morning let’s complain about how the time went by so soon?

And sleep with me through the afternoon.

Let’s make a wish, close your eyes;

Ask for fragrant flowers and butterflies.

For mornings that are full of peace,

For fictional poetry transforming into real nights like these.


Incomplete Emotions

Judgemental jury,
Preconceived notions,
Unfulfilled desires,
Incomplete emotions…

The certainty of uncertainties.
The assumption of facts,
The stubbornness of solitude,
And broken contacts…

The wrinkled clothes,
The unkempt hair,
The chapped lips,
Lonely eyes blankly stare…

The lips parting slightly,
Attempting to speak,
Mumbling and fumbling,
But words too weak…

The shattered heart,
The tattered curtain,
An empty ink-pot,
Anxiety certain…

The heart panting,
A tear drop rolling,
The next second – a forced smile,
Mysterious life; unfolding…

The bliss in confusion,
A puzzled mind,
The comfortable chaos,
Hard to find…

Mundane muse,
Water overflowing,
Uninspired moves,
Heartbeat slowing…

The present shy and meek,
Past; bold and brazen,
Unfinished poetry,
Lacking presentation…

Trembling hands,
Body sore,
Thirsty soul
Asking for more…

Sitting contemplating,
Looking for hope,
A ladder to climb,
Or being pulled up by a rope…

Fighting the fuzzy vision,
I let out a sigh,
As the devil called time,
Slowly passes by…