The Fault of Fear

Constantly avoiding the war between matters of heart vs mind over matter,

Looking for intellectual conversations rather than mere worldly chatter.

Seeking refuge in the ‘far from reality’ idea of perfection,

Adjusting with the barely there, on-the-surface; human affection.

Words of wisdom fall on deaf ears and inspirations left uninspired,

Trials and errors, efforts in vain, a million attempts and eyes tired.

Anticipation overpowers prudence, lust takes over love, 

Consciousness being slayed by daemons riding above.

Irrational, skeptical, stereotypical mindsets,

Bothering the tender minds, heartlessly placing bets.   

Both animals and humans, trained and tamed,

By power; land, water and even air claimed.

Screen Shot 2015-09-12 at 11.06.02 am

A Syrian kid drowns, another one thinks the camera is a gun;

People in power misusing their strength, playing with lives; having fun!

Life comes cheap and has become easy to end,

The theories of the this world need to mend.

A place for love, this world was meant to be;

What a sight it has become, look around, see!

Rapes and murders, trials pending,

A little money spent – judgements offending.

Topped with adjectives, words coated with deceit,

In an assembly of people, speeches discreet.

Illusions created far from true,

Words that can save the world, only a few.

They say religion helps you tell right from wrong,

They keep singing the same old song.

They always said have fear of God,

Replacing love with fear, they’ve been feeding us fraud.