Who are you?

Sometimes the lack of human interaction really gives one time to dwell. To dwell on what went right and how it could have been better. But more often to dwell or rather critique upon what went wrong.

What went wrong?
You thought you were quite strong.
You had it all figured at about nineteen,
Way ahead of your time, you had always been keen.
Your life had been planned,
You exactly knew where to stand.
Refusing the little ‘pretentious’ helping hands,
Look where you’ve land.
The ‘right’ path that you wanted to follow,
Was more than just a bitter pill to swallow.
You were never designed for furs and frills,
Never the one who’d like your current favorite – “Cheap Thrills”
You were the one who couldn’t fit a particular type,
Meant to be raw and rusted, why did you become ripe?
You’re finally giving in to the societal pressure,
Trying to the ‘the right’, that they decide.
But the fortune 500s are meant to be for a few fair ones,
But is your fortune really good enough to compete with the tons?
You don’t go about life planning a strategy every day,
You’d definitely not spend summers collecting hay.
You thought you’ll take life as it comes, one day at a time.
Oh, and did life come hard, playing the game very fine.
You were the one who wouldn’t trust at all,
As trusting, in the past; has made you look so small.
And there’d be times when you’d give in all and expect none,
Because later, you can always blame it on intuition.
Your brain didn’t know logic, it was all instinct,
Manipulative, calculative world; made your instinct – extinct.
So you decided to do whatever your heart liked to do,
But now there are no answers coming, you have no frikkin’ clue.
Apart from being a bathroom singer, what else can you be?
Caged in the world you created for yourself, you feel free.
Maybe I should just write and do nothing else at all,
Without expecting any traffic; my blog will never have that kind of footfall.
I thought a pen and paper would be enough to sort the shit,
As I wrote I realized, “terrible handwriting”, park your thoughts for a bit.
I turned to a Word doc, barely containing overflowing emotions,
Seeking help with my verbal diarrhea…
(“Oh, wait! I just spelled diarrhea right; maybe I am not that bad.
Wouldn’t surprise you here either, it is just the spell check – how sad.”)
So just let me be the way I am, awesome in my own way;
Awesomely confused, Awesomely clueless, Awesomely insane;
Just trying to drain my overcharged brain.