For the Boderlines!

Why such less appeal towards art?

Because every other person you meet is smart.

It isn’t art that helps you win the game,

It is the graphs, the data, the statistics which you don’t know; what a shame.

There are no classes that teach you how to fondle an aching heart,

When you succumb to the age old theorems and formulae; that’s a good start.

Living in the world where everyone’s competing for a higher grade,

You’re in a space where it is very difficult a trade.

So all you do is retire into your room and mug up a book,

Because ‘Three Idiots’ was just a movie, that you way too seriously took.
Life definitely is a race and most certainly a bitch,

When you’ll be facing the world, it will all boil down to – ‘how strong is your pitch.’

Know what you’re supposed to do, ignoring the wants and needs;

After all, you can only grow up on whatever this world feeds.

Then they suddenly ask, “For the love of art have you learnt the literature and words?”

And if you say no; they shrug saying, “Oh you’re one of the nerds.”

You might have the technical knowledge enough to put it across,

But when you move your mouth to speak, your speech – a chaos.

If you know too much, they say, “Jack of all trades, you’re a master of none.”

If you dwell too much into a thing, I hear, “Wish you learnt how to have some fun.”

Because all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,

When all of a sudden you need wit and humor, from where will you suddenly deploy?

Dazed and confused you wonder what is right?

For everything you stand for could be another person’s blight.

You seek answers from your heart, as to what is it you really want to do?

Your heart responds no better than a computer, “I don’t have a clue.”

You’re just an average in a crowd of ‘bests’,

And that’s what makes you unique; APART from the rest!