This is Just Another Little Dent

The heart might once have been broken and we might have broken a few too,

But no one can ever be in a constant state of pain, so let’s get over feeling blue.

Perfection is a myth and so is stability; so rise above the loss,

Let’s not be all textbook-read for once and finally embrace chaos.

Be the flocking bird going from branch to branch,

Because the nectar of today’s scrumptious flower that can tomorrow feel bland.

Or be like that rose pressed between the pages of a hefty book for years,

Because you believe in love stories that last and can move people to tears.

And then there are the ones who would have given up on love or are maybe taking a break,

Which is fine as not every single hardship that comes your way, this brave heart of yours can take.

But each one of us has a story to tell, that made us who we are,

Some blame the destiny for what it came to and some thank their lucky stars.

Once in a while we all make a mess, forgive but don’t always forget;

Make a move we aren’t sure about.

Overthink things when there’s nothing really to doubt.

Either hold on too tight or let loose.

Sometimes unsure of our own path, make others choose.

Make a fool of ourselves and fall flat.

Not realising it has never been easy to bell the cat.

So cut yourself some slack and really don’t repent,

There is nothing that can break you and this is just another little dent.