May the Distance be Kind

Way past my bedtime and I have you on my mind,

And all I can say is may the distance be kind.

I love the thoughts of you messing around with my brain waves,

I wish that my heart continues to behave.

It hasn’t been too hard, just as yet.

And I haven’t really let my eyes get wet.

But there are these microseconds when the heart forgets to beat,

Making me not being able to resist the urge to meet.

At times your face flashes in front of my eyes,

The one you make for your favourite Mexican cheese fries.

Then comes the one stuffed with choco-fill doughnuts,

And I can’t help but admire your sweet tooth’s guts.

Tapping the screen of your phone, over hundred times a minute,

So much dedication for work, I wonder what’s your limit.

Though quick in your response, you take hours to type a mail,

And if grammatical errors were punishable, by now you’d be in jail.

As I beg my brain to snap out of this lucid dreaming, I see a subtle smile gleaming.

What could be next you think, well I just remembered the signature wink.

The ones that you would send my way, in between a serious board game.

To make the fire more intense in this ever rising flame.

Suddenly I look at what I am wearing, it is your favourite colour blue,

The one I started stalking in my wardrobe lately and you had no clue.

Now I wear it every day embracing your tint,

Hoping someday soon you’ll probably get the hint.

I am not patient enough and you’re testing my limits each day,

When you clearly have other priorities, I barely have a say.

I haven’t been lucky in the past with things that I wanted to last.

When it starts to scare I pray, for us to STAY.

And now that again it is way past my bedtime and I have you on my mind,

All I can say is may the distance be kind.