Appear, Please!

That colour for the dress is great and this is how I’ll get my hair done,

The ceremony has to be subtle, the bachelorette though will be fun.

I plan to waste no time as I see the day approaching soon,

I’d not be hyperventilating if I knew who’s the groom.

Once the bags are packed and the deal is sealed,

There must be a lingering smile for the heart will be healed.

And then the charade- these curtains and those pretty flowers vases,

This rug for the living room and those silk pillow cases.

A gorgeous dinner table for two until a third comes along,

I am really keeping my fingers crossed this time, have been dreaming for way too long. 

Classic bone china with the glistening golden lining,

And our tea infused with herbs and only Twinings.

Fragrant jasmines blooming under the moonlit sky,

When the season comes along we’ll give kitchen gardening a try.

I can play Nigella in the kitchen and he could maybe fix things around,

Or get done with his paper work already, I can’t wait to laze around.

Failed experiments in the kitchen and we finally order pizza late o’ clock,

And nurse each other with Vicks and soup when the sinuses are blocked.

Singled out sock, hair dryer by the basin, his last night’s party shirt and my dress,

Things just lying around, we make such a mess.

And all’s good until shit finally hits the fan,

Weekends aren’t relaxing anymore, you need to get in line, my man.

Aren’t we bored of each other yet, we stop and wonder;

You forgot to pay the wifi bill our connection is cut off, what a blunder.

On such days looking through our wedding photos, we will reminisce,

Without hesitating I accept, it’s me who makes this marriage feel like a bliss!

But who would I be kidding, it takes two to clap,

And though you would give me a tough time, I too would give you crap.

Relationships are work and we are at the job,

That pretty table cloth of mine can’t by itself get rid of the curry blob.

A house for two where there shall be love and peace,

As long as you don’t wear your ugly fleece

And I get rid of the curry grease

And my makeup hides more than the hideous smile crease

And the single friends don’t tease

And you don’t eat the last cake piece

Let me break the thought here,

Before all of this APPEAR, PLEASE!