Those Dates and the Donuts

Sometimes it just comes and lands on the shoulder,

And makes you believe in love, even though you’re older.

This is how you came to me, found you in a hopeless place;

There were no games, no failed blind dates, we straightaway cut to chase.

Was it love at first sight, I am not too sure,

Let’s just say it was an impulsive decision, by fluke, also mature.

You walked in with your nails all trimmed, wearing blue on blue,

I kept talking constantly, but your words were few.

You read to me a secret letter, story of your life in front of my eyes,

That moment I saw the good in you, a man who wouldn’t tell lies.

And through the game of air hockey, the movie, dinner and dessert,

I realised you aren’t one of those guys, a clean heart and subtle flirt.

If had the power to change something about that first meeting, I would change none; 

Because the good in you shined through, my expectations were outdone.

What followed was a sudden inclination towards donuts and endless dessert dates,

Though you were the one finishing most plates yet I was getting heavier on the weights.

You made that strange city start to feel like my own, 

Even though most of the time it was about work, emails and your endlessly ringing phone.

There is still work and the mails keep coming and the phone calls are the same,

But the dessert dates have made way for rare video calls and the distance, the one to blame.

The city that I had accepted as mine, didn’t quite accept us two,

You moved to the new state capital and back home I flew.

So now there are work issues and barely time for you to eat and sleep,

And in between all these urgent things, our conversations less but feelings to reap.

Old photos I skim through and read Whatsapp chats archived,

The distance is a real mean bitch but still we’re managing to survive.

You are the patient one, never really loosing your calm,

While I am complete opposite of you, with a constantly itching palm. 

I keep telling you it’s all your fault when all I do is make a fuss,

When despite your busy work schedule, you still manage to make time for us.

And though I claim it is all my effort that makes us go this strong,

We really are equals for when I screw up, you let it go even if I am wrong.

But I wonder for how long?

Because I have loved and lost in the past and the fear is catching up fast.

These silent promises of yours, are they really strong enough to make us last?

I have dreamt of a future in which you fit in like no one else,

So how much more do I have to wait until we hear the wedding bells?

What would it take to skip this dull phase and go ahead in time,

When I no longer have that fear and can finally write a different rhyme?