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A dreamer, a lover, a wanderer, an explorer; I take life as it comes. The one who believes in facing the strong winds head-on without a frown. My love for writing and cooking has brought this blog into existence. I hope you will enjoy reading my cheerful antics while you savour the recipes and share the joy!

You’ll Get There

You are the 59th minute of an hour,

24 years, 11-month-old standing outside a Delhi bar.

You are the one who missed the last train back home,

The one who couldn’t be like the Romans while in Rome.

You are the unsent letter, the unread book,

You are the kite entangled in a broken tree nook.

A kitchen full of ingredients without a cook,

You are the broken vow he never took.

You are the right person who ends up doing the wrong things,

You are an ambitious birds’ heavy, wet wings.

At the end of the tunnel, you are a mere flickering light,

You are the one losing but never giving up the fight.

You are the autumn leaf on the verge of falling off the tree,

The anxious prisoner waiting for tomorrow’s sunrise and you’ll be free.

You are that patch in the garden discoloured and wild.

In a world full of mature adults you are still a child.

You are the rejected dreamy proposal under the Eiffel tower,

You are a beautiful bouquet of allergic pollen-laden flowers.

You are the perfect shoe that doesn’t fit,

The moron who still keeps going at it and doesn’t quit.

You are the one who slipped a few steps before the finish line,

With your insides collapsing, you always say you’re fine.

You are a scented candle without a wick,

You are the idea that will never click.

In a world of 100s, you are the 99.9. 

An undiscovered gold mine.

You are almost there but not quite,

An aircraft holding short, waiting to take flight.



Dare they come out and we will name them – blame them – shame them.

We will ask them to move on with life because we know how to tame them.

There is no point blowing it out of proportion, we’ll explain.

And that time will heal and slowly they’ll forget the pain.

Because this single incident wouldn’t really be her only scar,

She will be tried and tested, she would never really know when they’ve gone too far.

Someone would casually brush against her while walking on the road,

She would want to retaliate but then would hesitate, “my fault, wrong dress code.”

Dressed in a kurti the next day it happened again, “this one won’t get away easy,”

She turns around and he says, “galti se hogaya, sorry didi.”

And while she replays the situation in her head a million times,

The conclusion is it happens every second day, it’s fine.

She doesn’t want to be called the victim but that’s what she becomes,

She gives into this ‘way of life’ and the disgust painfully numbs.

1st your friends call her bhabi, you stalk her, get her drunk and take her home,

And then live to tell the tale of what wasn’t a night in Rome.   

You will ‘rate’ her attributes – the size, the colour and even the elasticity.

And how you shut that mouth of her’s that she thought was witty.

Behind closed doors, you talk about her and objectify.

And tell your friends, “theek tha, maza nahi aaya bhai.”

The group then calls her a whore because she wasn’t good enough for your bed,

The story is then passed around and made a viral thread.

She will live her life with this regret,

And then remember she was once told, slowly she’ll forget. 

She continues to believe that the assault was her fault and the rape, her fate.

Because ‘justice delayed is justice denied’ was unknown in her state.

It was all him, she never even gave her consent,

Then why is it that she is the one living with this resent. 

Why does everybody else think, even her face tells she is asking for more,

While she burdens herself thinking how you became the hero and her, the whore.

Those Dates and the Donuts

Sometimes it just comes and lands on the shoulder,

And makes you believe in love, even though you’re older.

This is how you came to me, found you in a hopeless place;

There were no games, no failed blind dates, we straightaway cut to chase.

Was it love at first sight, I am not too sure,

Let’s just say it was an impulsive decision, by fluke, also mature.

You walked in with your nails all trimmed, wearing blue on blue,

I kept talking constantly, but your words were few.

You read to me a secret letter, story of your life in front of my eyes,

That moment I saw the good in you, a man who wouldn’t tell lies.

And through the game of air hockey, the movie, dinner and dessert,

I realised you aren’t one of those guys, a clean heart and subtle flirt.

If had the power to change something about that first meeting, I would change none; 

Because the good in you shined through, my expectations were outdone.

What followed was a sudden inclination towards donuts and endless dessert dates,

Though you were the one finishing most plates yet I was getting heavier on the weights.

You made that strange city start to feel like my own, 

Even though most of the time it was about work, emails and your endlessly ringing phone.

There is still work and the mails keep coming and the phone calls are the same,

But the dessert dates have made way for rare video calls and the distance, the one to blame.

The city that I had accepted as mine, didn’t quite accept us two,

You moved to the new state capital and back home I flew.

So now there are work issues and barely time for you to eat and sleep,

And in between all these urgent things, our conversations less but feelings to reap.

Old photos I skim through and read Whatsapp chats archived,

The distance is a real mean bitch but still we’re managing to survive.

You are the patient one, never really loosing your calm,

While I am complete opposite of you, with a constantly itching palm. 

I keep telling you it’s all your fault when all I do is make a fuss,

When despite your busy work schedule, you still manage to make time for us.

And though I claim it is all my effort that makes us go this strong,

We really are equals for when I screw up, you let it go even if I am wrong.

But I wonder for how long?

Because I have loved and lost in the past and the fear is catching up fast.

These silent promises of yours, are they really strong enough to make us last?

I have dreamt of a future in which you fit in like no one else,

So how much more do I have to wait until we hear the wedding bells?

What would it take to skip this dull phase and go ahead in time,

When I no longer have that fear and can finally write a different rhyme? 

Appear, Please!

That colour for the dress is great and this is how I’ll get my hair done,

The ceremony has to be subtle, the bachelorette though will be fun.

I plan to waste no time as I see the day approaching soon,

I’d not be hyperventilating if I knew who’s the groom.

Once the bags are packed and the deal is sealed,

There must be a lingering smile for the heart will be healed.

And then the charade- these curtains and those pretty flowers vases,

This rug for the living room and those silk pillow cases.

A gorgeous dinner table for two until a third comes along,

I am really keeping my fingers crossed this time, have been dreaming for way too long. 

Classic bone china with the glistening golden lining,

And our tea infused with herbs and only Twinings.

Fragrant jasmines blooming under the moonlit sky,

When the season comes along we’ll give kitchen gardening a try.

I can play Nigella in the kitchen and he could maybe fix things around,

Or get done with his paper work already, I can’t wait to laze around.

Failed experiments in the kitchen and we finally order pizza late o’ clock,

And nurse each other with Vicks and soup when the sinuses are blocked.

Singled out sock, hair dryer by the basin, his last night’s party shirt and my dress,

Things just lying around, we make such a mess.

And all’s good until shit finally hits the fan,

Weekends aren’t relaxing anymore, you need to get in line, my man.

Aren’t we bored of each other yet, we stop and wonder;

You forgot to pay the wifi bill our connection is cut off, what a blunder.

On such days looking through our wedding photos, we will reminisce,

Without hesitating I accept, it’s me who makes this marriage feel like a bliss!

But who would I be kidding, it takes two to clap,

And though you would give me a tough time, I too would give you crap.

Relationships are work and we are at the job,

That pretty table cloth of mine can’t by itself get rid of the curry blob.

A house for two where there shall be love and peace,

As long as you don’t wear your ugly fleece

And I get rid of the curry grease

And my makeup hides more than the hideous smile crease

And the single friends don’t tease

And you don’t eat the last cake piece

Let me break the thought here,

Before all of this APPEAR, PLEASE!

May the Distance be Kind

Way past my bedtime and I have you on my mind,

And all I can say is may the distance be kind.

I love the thoughts of you messing around with my brain waves,

I wish that my heart continues to behave.

It hasn’t been too hard, just as yet.

And I haven’t really let my eyes get wet.

But there are these microseconds when the heart forgets to beat,

Making me not being able to resist the urge to meet.

At times your face flashes in front of my eyes,

The one you make for your favourite Mexican cheese fries.

Then comes the one stuffed with choco-fill doughnuts,

And I can’t help but admire your sweet tooth’s guts.

Tapping the screen of your phone, over hundred times a minute,

So much dedication for work, I wonder what’s your limit.

Though quick in your response, you take hours to type a mail,

And if grammatical errors were punishable, by now you’d be in jail.

As I beg my brain to snap out of this lucid dreaming, I see a subtle smile gleaming.

What could be next you think, well I just remembered the signature wink.

The ones that you would send my way, in between a serious board game.

To make the fire more intense in this ever rising flame.

Suddenly I look at what I am wearing, it is your favourite colour blue,

The one I started stalking in my wardrobe lately and you had no clue.

Now I wear it every day embracing your tint,

Hoping someday soon you’ll probably get the hint.

I am not patient enough and you’re testing my limits each day,

When you clearly have other priorities, I barely have a say.

I haven’t been lucky in the past with things that I wanted to last.

When it starts to scare I pray, for us to STAY.

And now that again it is way past my bedtime and I have you on my mind,

All I can say is may the distance be kind.









This is Just Another Little Dent

The heart might once have been broken and we might have broken a few too,

But no one can ever be in a constant state of pain, so let’s get over feeling blue.

Perfection is a myth and so is stability; so rise above the loss,

Let’s not be all textbook-read for once and finally embrace chaos.

Be the flocking bird going from branch to branch,

Because the nectar of today’s scrumptious flower that can tomorrow feel bland.

Or be like that rose pressed between the pages of a hefty book for years,

Because you believe in love stories that last and can move people to tears.

And then there are the ones who would have given up on love or are maybe taking a break,

Which is fine as not every single hardship that comes your way, this brave heart of yours can take.

But each one of us has a story to tell, that made us who we are,

Some blame the destiny for what it came to and some thank their lucky stars.

Once in a while we all make a mess, forgive but don’t always forget;

Make a move we aren’t sure about.

Overthink things when there’s nothing really to doubt.

Either hold on too tight or let loose.

Sometimes unsure of our own path, make others choose.

Make a fool of ourselves and fall flat.

Not realising it has never been easy to bell the cat.

So cut yourself some slack and really don’t repent,

There is nothing that can break you and this is just another little dent.

For the Boderlines!

Why such less appeal towards art?

Because every other person you meet is smart.

It isn’t art that helps you win the game,

It is the graphs, the data, the statistics which you don’t know; what a shame.

There are no classes that teach you how to fondle an aching heart,

When you succumb to the age old theorems and formulae; that’s a good start.

Living in the world where everyone’s competing for a higher grade,

You’re in a space where it is very difficult a trade.

So all you do is retire into your room and mug up a book,

Because ‘Three Idiots’ was just a movie, that you way too seriously took.
Life definitely is a race and most certainly a bitch,

When you’ll be facing the world, it will all boil down to – ‘how strong is your pitch.’

Know what you’re supposed to do, ignoring the wants and needs;

After all, you can only grow up on whatever this world feeds.

Then they suddenly ask, “For the love of art have you learnt the literature and words?”

And if you say no; they shrug saying, “Oh you’re one of the nerds.”

You might have the technical knowledge enough to put it across,

But when you move your mouth to speak, your speech – a chaos.

If you know too much, they say, “Jack of all trades, you’re a master of none.”

If you dwell too much into a thing, I hear, “Wish you learnt how to have some fun.”

Because all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,

When all of a sudden you need wit and humor, from where will you suddenly deploy?

Dazed and confused you wonder what is right?

For everything you stand for could be another person’s blight.

You seek answers from your heart, as to what is it you really want to do?

Your heart responds no better than a computer, “I don’t have a clue.”

You’re just an average in a crowd of ‘bests’,

And that’s what makes you unique; APART from the rest!