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May the Distance be Kind

Way past my bedtime and I have you on my mind,

And all I can say is may the distance be kind.

I love the thoughts of you messing around with my brain waves,

I wish that my heart continues to behave.

It hasn’t been too hard, just as yet.

And I haven’t really let my eyes get wet.

But there are these microseconds when the heart forgets to beat,

Making me not being able to resist the urge to meet.

At times your face flashes in front of my eyes,

The one you make for your favourite Mexican cheese fries.

Then comes the one stuffed with choco-fill doughnuts,

And I can’t help but admire your sweet tooth’s guts.

Tapping the screen of your phone, over hundred times a minute,

So much dedication for work, I wonder what’s your limit.

Though quick in your response, you take hours to type a mail,

And if grammatical errors were punishable, by now you’d be in jail.

As I beg my brain to snap out of this lucid dreaming, I see a subtle smile gleaming.

What could be next you think, well I just remembered the signature wink.

The ones that you would send my way, in between a serious board game.

To make the fire more intense in this ever rising flame.

Suddenly I look at what I am wearing, it is your favourite colour blue,

The one I started stalking in my wardrobe lately and you had no clue.

Now I wear it every day embracing your tint,

Hoping someday soon you’ll probably get the hint.

I am not patient enough and you’re testing my limits each day,

When you clearly have other priorities, I barely have a say.

I haven’t been lucky in the past with things that I wanted to last.

When it starts to scare I pray, for us to STAY.

And now that again it is way past my bedtime and I have you on my mind,

All I can say is may the distance be kind.









This is Just Another Little Dent

The heart might once have been broken and we might have broken a few too,

But no one can ever be in a constant state of pain, so let’s get over feeling blue.

Perfection is a myth and so is stability; so rise above the loss,

Let’s not be all textbook-read for once and finally embrace chaos.

Be the flocking bird going from branch to branch,

Because the nectar of today’s scrumptious flower that can tomorrow feel bland.

Or be like that rose pressed between the pages of a hefty book for years,

Because you believe in love stories that last and can move people to tears.

And then there are the ones who would have given up on love or are maybe taking a break,

Which is fine as not every single hardship that comes your way, this brave heart of yours can take.

But each one of us has a story to tell, that made us who we are,

Some blame the destiny for what it came to and some thank their lucky stars.

Once in a while we all make a mess, forgive but don’t always forget;

Make a move we aren’t sure about.

Overthink things when there’s nothing really to doubt.

Either hold on too tight or let loose.

Sometimes unsure of our own path, make others choose.

Make a fool of ourselves and fall flat.

Not realising it has never been easy to bell the cat.

So cut yourself some slack and really don’t repent,

There is nothing that can break you and this is just another little dent.

For the Boderlines!

Why such less appeal towards art?

Because every other person you meet is smart.

It isn’t art that helps you win the game,

It is the graphs, the data, the statistics which you don’t know; what a shame.

There are no classes that teach you how to fondle an aching heart,

When you succumb to the age old theorems and formulae; that’s a good start.

Living in the world where everyone’s competing for a higher grade,

You’re in a space where it is very difficult a trade.

So all you do is retire into your room and mug up a book,

Because ‘Three Idiots’ was just a movie, that you way too seriously took.
Life definitely is a race and most certainly a bitch,

When you’ll be facing the world, it will all boil down to – ‘how strong is your pitch.’

Know what you’re supposed to do, ignoring the wants and needs;

After all, you can only grow up on whatever this world feeds.

Then they suddenly ask, “For the love of art have you learnt the literature and words?”

And if you say no; they shrug saying, “Oh you’re one of the nerds.”

You might have the technical knowledge enough to put it across,

But when you move your mouth to speak, your speech – a chaos.

If you know too much, they say, “Jack of all trades, you’re a master of none.”

If you dwell too much into a thing, I hear, “Wish you learnt how to have some fun.”

Because all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,

When all of a sudden you need wit and humor, from where will you suddenly deploy?

Dazed and confused you wonder what is right?

For everything you stand for could be another person’s blight.

You seek answers from your heart, as to what is it you really want to do?

Your heart responds no better than a computer, “I don’t have a clue.”

You’re just an average in a crowd of ‘bests’,

And that’s what makes you unique; APART from the rest!






Who are you?

Sometimes the lack of human interaction really gives one time to dwell. To dwell on what went right and how it could have been better. But more often to dwell or rather critique upon what went wrong.

What went wrong?
You thought you were quite strong.
You had it all figured at about nineteen,
Way ahead of your time, you had always been keen.
Your life had been planned,
You exactly knew where to stand.
Refusing the little ‘pretentious’ helping hands,
Look where you’ve land.
The ‘right’ path that you wanted to follow,
Was more than just a bitter pill to swallow.
You were never designed for furs and frills,
Never the one who’d like your current favorite – “Cheap Thrills”
You were the one who couldn’t fit a particular type,
Meant to be raw and rusted, why did you become ripe?
You’re finally giving in to the societal pressure,
Trying to the ‘the right’, that they decide.
But the fortune 500s are meant to be for a few fair ones,
But is your fortune really good enough to compete with the tons?
You don’t go about life planning a strategy every day,
You’d definitely not spend summers collecting hay.
You thought you’ll take life as it comes, one day at a time.
Oh, and did life come hard, playing the game very fine.
You were the one who wouldn’t trust at all,
As trusting, in the past; has made you look so small.
And there’d be times when you’d give in all and expect none,
Because later, you can always blame it on intuition.
Your brain didn’t know logic, it was all instinct,
Manipulative, calculative world; made your instinct – extinct.
So you decided to do whatever your heart liked to do,
But now there are no answers coming, you have no frikkin’ clue.
Apart from being a bathroom singer, what else can you be?
Caged in the world you created for yourself, you feel free.
Maybe I should just write and do nothing else at all,
Without expecting any traffic; my blog will never have that kind of footfall.
I thought a pen and paper would be enough to sort the shit,
As I wrote I realized, “terrible handwriting”, park your thoughts for a bit.
I turned to a Word doc, barely containing overflowing emotions,
Seeking help with my verbal diarrhea…
(“Oh, wait! I just spelled diarrhea right; maybe I am not that bad.
Wouldn’t surprise you here either, it is just the spell check – how sad.”)
So just let me be the way I am, awesome in my own way;
Awesomely confused, Awesomely clueless, Awesomely insane;
Just trying to drain my overcharged brain.

An Expression Of Depression

The sun and you aren’t friends anymore,

You don’t want to wake up while it shines in all his glory.

You want to paint a colourless picture,

Because there’s no better way to narrate a tragic story.

The food you eat is all good to look at,

But everything tastes the same.

Just like your life- bland and incomplete,

Who else could you possibly blame?

There will always be someone taller, thinner, fairer;

You can never meet the worldly beauty pre-requisites.

They will have wit and humor, sharper brains;

Creativity beyond comparison combined with impeccable etiquettes.

Someone will always be better,

And wouldn’t skip a chance to make you feel worse.

To amplify the effect, you are a self-critique,

Oh what a curse!

You are still lingering somewhere,

Not even half way through.

The rest are close to the finish line,

How? You don’t even have a clue!

There are games people play for leisure,

But you take them to heart.

Eventually you give up and loose miserably,

As you get tired of trying too hard.

You either settle for a zero or a hundred,

There is nothing that’s in-between.

And you are envious of the fact,

That the grass on the other side is always more green.

You know you need help,

But don’t know where to go.

If you act too needy,

The world asks you to grow.

None of your words kind enough,

No pouts are pretty.

Your voice lacks melody,

And none of the statements witty.

When a yellow outfit isn’t bright enough

To brighten your mundane day.

The red lipstick and thick kohl,

Fails to make the smile stay.

When you turn to your own people,

Hoping they might help.

But they make you realise a few more flaws,

Which you in the past; could never tell.

At night then you sit with an endless list of things

That need to change pretty soon.

Tearing through the night, you finally give-in

And end up sleeping way past noon.


The sun and you aren’t friends anymore,

You don’t want to wake up while it shines in all his glory.

You want to paint a colorless picture,

Because there’s no better way to narrate a tragic story.





The Fault of Fear

Constantly avoiding the war between matters of heart vs mind over matter,

Looking for intellectual conversations rather than mere worldly chatter.

Seeking refuge in the ‘far from reality’ idea of perfection,

Adjusting with the barely there, on-the-surface; human affection.

Words of wisdom fall on deaf ears and inspirations left uninspired,

Trials and errors, efforts in vain, a million attempts and eyes tired.

Anticipation overpowers prudence, lust takes over love, 

Consciousness being slayed by daemons riding above.

Irrational, skeptical, stereotypical mindsets,

Bothering the tender minds, heartlessly placing bets.   

Both animals and humans, trained and tamed,

By power; land, water and even air claimed.

Screen Shot 2015-09-12 at 11.06.02 am

A Syrian kid drowns, another one thinks the camera is a gun;

People in power misusing their strength, playing with lives; having fun!

Life comes cheap and has become easy to end,

The theories of the this world need to mend.

A place for love, this world was meant to be;

What a sight it has become, look around, see!

Rapes and murders, trials pending,

A little money spent – judgements offending.

Topped with adjectives, words coated with deceit,

In an assembly of people, speeches discreet.

Illusions created far from true,

Words that can save the world, only a few.

They say religion helps you tell right from wrong,

They keep singing the same old song.

They always said have fear of God,

Replacing love with fear, they’ve been feeding us fraud. 

Ethereal Evening Spent With The Unknown

Get playful with the stars and trap the moon in a fishnet,

Let’s prolong the night and talk about all that makes you fret.

Ask me questions that haunt you, we’ll find answers to them all,

Tell me what gives you a high and what is it that makes you fall.

Let’s make believe you are real,

Or a fictional character who can feel.

Unveil secrets that have been locked into you for so long,

I swear they’ll stay safe with me, guarded all along.

Share with me what makes you smile,

I will transform it in a song and sing for a while.

Also, let me know what gets on to your nerves,

Is it, not getting something one rightfully deserves?

We’ll crib about the things that could’ve worked better,

And tell each other about the contents of an unsent letter.

I want to know the color that you love the most, the fragrance that you wear;

Show me the doodles in your diary and share your most sincere prayer.

I want to know the meanings of the fancy words you say,

That leave me spell-bound and let you have your way.

Where’d you learn to perfectly modulate your voice?

You scold, it never hurts. How did you practice so much poise?

Tell me how’d you like your morning tea, the herbs you want me to infuse;

Will make a note of your breakfast preference so that you can’t refuse.

Let me know your travel plans and ask for my company,

Sing to me as I fall asleep, save me from the deafening worldly cacophony.

Unlock, dust off and rekindle the silent emotions,

Defy the norms they’ve set and live beyond the mundane notions.

Help me visualize the dreams you see,

Let our souls be wild and free.

Tomorrow morning let’s complain about how the time went by so soon?

And sleep with me through the afternoon.

Let’s make a wish, close your eyes;

Ask for fragrant flowers and butterflies.

For mornings that are full of peace,

For fictional poetry transforming into real nights like these.