Today was such a Bridget Jones Day!

Hey Folks, I’m back. It’s just something about this time of the year, it feels like its that time of the month. You know what I mean? Ehhhh!
So today, I am sitting on the 13th of February, just one freaking day away from Valentine’s. It’s February, the month of love! But do you know what does it feel like to me… Well, the weather is cold and then there are people with cold hearts who just give it that stale and rotten cherry on the top.

So because of the wonderful reason, I just had a perfect Bridget Jones Day. It’s one of those days when everything around me just made me feel sick. I was at home and dumped myself in my bedroom hiding away from all the mushy stuff playing on the radio, the Rs. 10 rose that was being sold for 100, the little red hearts that have been hanging down every second showroom around the whole god-damn country’s capital; because I just cant take it.

Coming back to being Bridget… yes I was walking around the house with my blanket wrapped, hoping that it would transform into a cloak and I would disappear. But for the common human joy, I am still here. I gorged on buckets full of indulging, orgasmic chocolate ice-cream cuz that is the love of my life. (Whatever happened to the weight-loss plan I was super zealous about.)

I haven’t found a Mark Darcy or a Daniel Cleaver, nor do I see one happening any time soon because it’s just beyond overwhelming. Two people meet, they just get along like a house on fire, they burn and turn to ashes. And for most people it is easy to recollect the ash and be ready to burn again. But I guess, I’ve already given up because the beauty of love in known to a few-

When you see dimpled cheeks, hear the breeze whistling through the soft wavy hair and get hypnotized by shy eyes that lure you to drown into the soul; hormones start waltzing around to the beat of the heart. You escape from the real life and surrender to a life that is surreal; you submit yourself to the drug called LOVE!!! When love strikes, it knocks off the day lights.

Been there, done that! Yes, this tempting concoction of passion, emotion and adventure had once acquired me. After defeating my now almost vestigial organ- brain, love took over me. I was an alien in this world, for an heiress from planet love, this human world felt like such a waste of time. I rather preferred spending each second of my life chanting the name of the one who had enchanted me. I retrieved myself after I allowed love to obscure me and rest is history.

This my friends is my understanding of love and what a shame, the world doesn’t even know a millionth of it.



A flimsy female’s fantasy fortress!!!


Dear God up above, I know it’s all written by you, I’m your story.

You are the director, the creator of this pretty little crowning glory.

Recording the little nuances, there are cameras rolling all around,

The hair and make-up done, the dialogues prepared and perfect sound.

I haven’t heard an ‘action’ or a ‘cut’ yet, but I’m playing my part,

I guess each shot is perfect, as acting resides deep in my heart.

Humming my own romantic tune I waltz and serenade,

But there is a rough side too, which when needed could through a grenade.

I fall in love each day, sometimes even with myself,

I need no prince charming, this Snowhite doesn’t even need an elf. 

Thanks to the high this life gives me, I’m flimsy, I fumble,

I can never walk a straight path, I stumble.

After all what do you expect from a girl marching in a 5 inch,

Living in a world of fantasy she wouldn’t even wakeup if you pinch.

There are a few curves as I travel through life’s topsy-turvy lands,

Curves beyond the obvious ones, the curly hair and the lines of my hands.

A whisper in the ear, a silken dress with some sheer,

A glass of champagne held perfectly my dear!

With expressions I will narrate endless terrible tiny tales and go on and on about,

The stories of my life and flirt through the night, even without a pout.

At times the character keeps on thinking for too long, a lot I wonder,

And even before I realise the thoughts become destructive and turn into such a blunder.

This is the fairy-tale of a careless flimsy female’s fantasy fortress,

Where she lives praising lord’s creations, the movie and a lot with which she can impress.

‘From the heart of a Woman’

I came into this world; my mom lifted me up in her trembling arms and caressed me with her hand,
She was smiling at me when one of the relatives commented that I was a girl and that too tanned.
When a girl comes into this world she brings with her happiness and grace,
Then why do people want the ‘Y’ chromosome to win when the sperms are having a race?
A girl develops into a loving wife and a nurturing mother, then why the practices of female foeticide,
Why does a woman with a life in her womb take a massive step to commit a suicide?
When no relation in this world, be it mother, wife or daughter is complete without women,
Then why does the society take the birth of a girl child as a curse and a bad omen?
I think females in the present day are no way and nowhere lesser than the boys,
What makes the world think that they are objects of mere disgrace and can be treated as toys?
The woman today does it all from flying fighter airplanes to cleaning the window panes,
They do it all selflessly, with all their heart even without bothering about the losses and their gains.
This is the time to wake up, the time to come together and the time to act for what is right.
Cuz the girl child has the spark and the zeal to make a future that is vibrant, happy and bright.
Each hand that will rise in support of this movement will heal a woman’s aching soul,
The day when girls will be welcomed as much as boys, this world will become a whole.

Being an aviator!

When I was all of 18, I travelled across the globe; all the way from India to The United States of America. A little high school graduate gave fuel to her passion and was all set to fly.

Yes, I was in US to be trained to fly! It sounds like such a jazz, doesn’t it?

Well, it feels much more jazzy than it sounds. When I sat in the cockpit for the first time, I didn’t know what was happening. I couldn’t decide if it is the view that I should enjoy or the height that I should be terrified of.


A little voice in my head said, “Come-on this isn’t really your thing”.

The very next second, another voice replied, “Shut the f*** up, this is what you are meant for. You belong to the sky, you’ve been made to fly!”

I thank God that I heard the second voice.

Most pilots out there boast about how flying is so technical. But I think that flying is a skill, it’s an art. The more you fly, the better you get.


People ask me why I love flying? Well the answer is:

With my airplane aligned on the runway I go full throttle,

The high that I get is better than any liquor in a fancy bottle.

A gain in the airspeed, a positive attitude and the increasing altitude,

Gives me an exhilarating feeling as I flutter my wings in gratitude.

I climb through the clouds, those fluffy cotton balls,

When in thunderous rage they scream and pour down with squalls.

As I rise above the clouds and there is clear weather all around,

The serenity of the spectacle, can leave anyone astound.

With my hand on the controls, I fly through the mountains and valleys,

I trust my maps and instruments as sky has no roads, no alleys.


There is blue of the ocean beneath me and blue of the sky above,

 This is the only ‘blue feeling’ that gives happiness and makes me fall in love.

The higher the altitude, the closer I feel to that infinite higher power,

And as soon as in-flight I get a little dreamy, I hear my call sign from the tower. 

“Life is a bubble of water!”


This phrase or quote or whatever it is, it has been a part of my life for as long as I have known. I don’t know why, but these six words happen to be my mom’s most favourite words.

Well, if I sit and think, life is exactly the way my mom puts it. It is indeed, a bubble of water.

Look at it this way, we are all somewhere in our own bubbles. Happy, sad or content; whatever mode we are in; we seem to be trapped in our own bubble.

Running the rat race, our life revolves around a concept of ‘go to office-come back home’, and before you know the bubble is ready to burst.


Instead of being so contained, why not travel beyond limits? Why not ignite our imaginary wings and fly to a land of dreams. A place where we are independent to live life, where we breathe the air that is free of shackles. Where we live and not just wait for our mere existence to conclude.

Want to make a movie out of my life


When I sit back and analyze the past years, I desperately feel like making a movie out of my life,

About the little girl I was, to the tomboyish teenager, to a passionate girlfriend and a wonderful future wife.

The movie would categorically fit all existing genres and entertain audiences of all possible sorts,

Spectators would see me transition to sarees, ballroom dresses and a lady from a stone cold girl who ones loved her shorts.

From my life as a sports lover who played basketball without caring about bruises and sun tans,

To a black belt holder who broke wooden planks and bricks and made the juniors become die-hard fans.

A girl who could sit dumb on the first bench in the class without knowing a thing,

To someone who would bunk the class with an official reason to practice a melody that the school wants her to sing.

At one moment I could surprise someone with the lamest joke in the world,

And the other moment I could ask the trickiest question out of my head and leave your brain nerves curled.

The movie will show a childhood that is cute, bubbly and humorous,

And then I will grow into a teenager who is abusive, raw and furious.

During my later teenage I will be a girl who is shy, meek and an explorer,

Early adulthood would see me rise to become a pro and a high scorer.

The story would be a tale of a weird childhood and a noisy neighbourhood,

Only to grow into a saga of pride and passion blazing with all the essence of the quintessential adulthood.

The teenager would be a girl, who would love to act, pretend and live my life like a typical tomboy,

Later a lady who is a yummy concoction of youth, mystery, romance, sorrow and is at times coy.

The story, where you will initially see me resisting love, then falling in love and eventually falling out of it,

Only to realize that love is a vicious circle and if one has been there once, will again have to fall in the pit.

At times she is even better than a chocolate covered candy heart,

And at other times spicier than the spiciest of chillies in a mart.

She isn’t boastful and proud of her possessions,

And not even over obsessed with her most obsessive obsessions.

The one who puts her soul into everything she does,

Even a pesky little imperfection makes her wanna fuss.

The one who is not a jack but a master of all traits, she is Miss Jill,

Who can come back down without hurting her head after fetching a pail of water from the hill.

It would clearly showcase me sailing through the tides of time singing my own melody,

At times dancing as a ruthless hip hopper or happily waltzing around to even shedding tears in melancholy.

What keeps me alive…

Well, if you guys have gone through the ‘About me’ section of this page, you’ve probably figured out that I am a lover. Unlike mere humans there isn’t just blood that flows in my veins, romance does too.

Love my dear friends is a drug, it will make you an addict. You would feel weightless, it will lift you to heights unknown and make you fly away to a dream land.


It is a feeling that makes me feel alive, an emotion that tranquilises my senses. It is my love for life, my love for love, my love for human emotions that makes me thank God for my existence.

If you ask me if I am in love with a man, my answer would be “not yet”. But who knows, maybe at the next nook, I come across someone who sweeps me off my feet and makes me go weak in the knees.