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“1” Burning Desire!!!

There will be times when you will cry,
You would smile but your eyes wouldn’t be able to lie.

Sorrow from the past will haunt your present,
You would strive to save your future from resent.


Life should have been a rose bed,
But you’re bleeding because on thorns you’ve tread.

There will the red of the blood and the red of the rage,
While you turn around trying to arrange life- page by page.

There will chapters about a few past glories,
And then there will be grief and pain in some of your stories.

What has kept you alive for so long,
What is it that has still kept you going strong?


It is that urge to succeed,
It only keeps growing like a tree from a little sapling that was once a seed.

There is this craving to do what you’ve been wanting to do,
What you want to achieve, is barely dreamt by a few.

It is that craving that will help you move on,
When your family and friends wouldn’t relate and doubt if there is another place where you belong.

When haters and critics would have no role to play,
You will have to fight with your sword, don’t allow them to slay.


It that one burning desire that would give you strength to rise, to rise up high each time you fall.
It is the blood in your veins, the adrenaline rush, the emotions reflecting through your eyes. It is the reason why you still stand tall.


I ain’t gonna quit!!!

There will be voices screaming into your head,
Like stinging scorpions crawling on your bed.

And people who would put you down,
They would smile when you’ll cry or frown.


There will be butchers waiting to slaughter your dreams,
And ain’t no one’s gonna heed to your screams.

You’ll be dying a slow death each day,
As your friends, not foes would come to slay.

There will be no covering fire,
It’s all true, I’m not a liar.


There will be no helping hand,
No one would care if you run out of fuel and crash land.

Voices in your head would say you can’t,
The scars that you have they are not worth a flaunt.

You’ve died a million deaths,
How will you survive the future threats.

When you find yourself surrounded by the ghosts in your head,
And tears makes your eyes go red.


On your heart place your hand,
And tell yourself, I can stand.

I am mighty as a mountain,
And inexhaustible like a dancing fountain.

I won’t give up, I have my will,
I wouldn’t die even if they try to kill.


Until my heart beats, I’m gonna beat this shit.
The world that says I’m a failure, would one day witness my rise,


A flimsy female’s fantasy fortress!!!


Dear God up above, I know it’s all written by you, I’m your story.

You are the director, the creator of this pretty little crowning glory.

Recording the little nuances, there are cameras rolling all around,

The hair and make-up done, the dialogues prepared and perfect sound.

I haven’t heard an ‘action’ or a ‘cut’ yet, but I’m playing my part,

I guess each shot is perfect, as acting resides deep in my heart.

Humming my own romantic tune I waltz and serenade,

But there is a rough side too, which when needed could through a grenade.

I fall in love each day, sometimes even with myself,

I need no prince charming, this Snowhite doesn’t even need an elf. 

Thanks to the high this life gives me, I’m flimsy, I fumble,

I can never walk a straight path, I stumble.

After all what do you expect from a girl marching in a 5 inch,

Living in a world of fantasy she wouldn’t even wakeup if you pinch.

There are a few curves as I travel through life’s topsy-turvy lands,

Curves beyond the obvious ones, the curly hair and the lines of my hands.

A whisper in the ear, a silken dress with some sheer,

A glass of champagne held perfectly my dear!

With expressions I will narrate endless terrible tiny tales and go on and on about,

The stories of my life and flirt through the night, even without a pout.

At times the character keeps on thinking for too long, a lot I wonder,

And even before I realise the thoughts become destructive and turn into such a blunder.

This is the fairy-tale of a careless flimsy female’s fantasy fortress,

Where she lives praising lord’s creations, the movie and a lot with which she can impress.

“Life is a bubble of water!”


This phrase or quote or whatever it is, it has been a part of my life for as long as I have known. I don’t know why, but these six words happen to be my mom’s most favourite words.

Well, if I sit and think, life is exactly the way my mom puts it. It is indeed, a bubble of water.

Look at it this way, we are all somewhere in our own bubbles. Happy, sad or content; whatever mode we are in; we seem to be trapped in our own bubble.

Running the rat race, our life revolves around a concept of ‘go to office-come back home’, and before you know the bubble is ready to burst.


Instead of being so contained, why not travel beyond limits? Why not ignite our imaginary wings and fly to a land of dreams. A place where we are independent to live life, where we breathe the air that is free of shackles. Where we live and not just wait for our mere existence to conclude.

What keeps me alive…

Well, if you guys have gone through the ‘About me’ section of this page, you’ve probably figured out that I am a lover. Unlike mere humans there isn’t just blood that flows in my veins, romance does too.

Love my dear friends is a drug, it will make you an addict. You would feel weightless, it will lift you to heights unknown and make you fly away to a dream land.


It is a feeling that makes me feel alive, an emotion that tranquilises my senses. It is my love for life, my love for love, my love for human emotions that makes me thank God for my existence.

If you ask me if I am in love with a man, my answer would be “not yet”. But who knows, maybe at the next nook, I come across someone who sweeps me off my feet and makes me go weak in the knees.



I have dreams that don’t let me sleep,

Dreams that often make me weep.

Not dreams of a tall, dark, handsome guy,

But dreams to be free as a bird and fly.

I have dreams that want me to breakthrough,

Dreams that are often seen by a few.

My dream is to see a better tomorrow,

I dream of peace minus all the sorrow.

A dream to get over this smile I fake,

A dream to materialize all the efforts I make.

 I have to transform my dreams to real,

As my dreams are no joke but a serious deal.

 Dreams to shut up bragging tongues,

Dreams to scream with all the power in my lungs.

 I somehow have to live my dreams,

The dreams of blooming flowers and lush greens.

 The dreams that are influenced by none,

Dream to rise along with the bright sun.

 And for my dreams I need no man,

Cuz in my dreams I see myself saying “I can”.